Androgyne Without the Political Flair

Remember CK1, the fragrance? The idea of androgyne was born to me in that scent. Now we have how many gender identifiers? My college niece tells me of the choices she had at the University of Oregon of pronouns and labels. No comment. This is about fashion androgyne, and not the kind where the model could be a man or a woman, and you feel vaguely uncomfortable for having seen it and experienced confusion.

I'm talking about something kookier, a Heatherism, a goal I live by. The idea is to have something feminine and something masculine in every outfit. If it's a plaid hunter print ($7 admittedly at Wal-Mart) it'll have delicate, double crisscross straps.

If it's military green leggings (4$ at St. Vincent de Paul) with textured thighs then it's over a white lace dress with tulle at the edges ($40 at Franchesca's) of the short hem with shiny pink lace up men's' shoes ($65 Norestrom Rack).

Turn the dress around backwards to  address the long zipper and create a 'collar'. Throw a neutral sweatshirt/blouse weird item from Goodwill ($5) over the top of the dress and we've got an outfit.

Weird and wonderful, and oh so me.