Black Sequined Dress Speaks Out: You are Ugly from Afar & Beautiful Up Close

Look at this ugly thermostat seen when you look at this picture frame directly across from the toilet of our small upstairs bathroom from afar. We you get in a little closer and the message becomes a little clearer. 

The more we really SEE a person, not their body size but rather that essence, that sparkly light that makes the person uniquely them, the less we see or care about the thermostat (yes it is ugly, and yes Julie Sonam, I will replace it because people notice these things when home resale becomes an issue.)

I have a certain black sequined dress that is fun to do unlikely activities in because it shimmers in the light, and it's just silly fun. For example:  run and dance and split leap in the sand-oceanside, cannonball into a pool in Mexico teen son stunned and delighted, and tonight see how far my orange argyle knee high socks will slide me through the living room with the dog in the way.

I put it on tonight because I am missing my husband terribly, and I know he misses me and could use some Heather weirdness.  He is in Argentina and I am unsupervised. If you really know me well you know how scary the situation really is. He was delighted to get the video and fully understood the quantum entanglement joke, commenting that it made him miss me even more. I will not see him for 4 days, and it feels unbearable.

So I'm distracting myself and thinking of a conversation I had recently with a friend about body image. If I weigh 20 pounds more or less will people treat me different? A shallow, instinct-based person would for sure. What about someone trying hard not to notice two dead teeth as a person is talking. My thought is that sometimes, the closer you get to the dead teeth the less you see them and the more you see something slightly hidden. Something like, "I really get the quirkiness of this person, it's entertaining and I'm starting to love them a little." Could you try to SEE one person that way this week and comment on what happened?