Handwriting Analysis, Life Margin & Damn Good Advice for Looking Great

Margin:  space in some realm. 

On paper obviously, but maybe there is more to even the paper version of margin. It's dubious science, but some say even the way you write on a piece of paper says something about you. More on that later, just for bonus fun.

Lately I have noticed I really just need rest. In fact all animals do, even Aslan.

Do you ever feel like this?

Without rest we are drab, unkind, unfocused. It's never good. You know the 'ugly cry'? There's an ugly, tired countenance too. I've had it many times.

Without rest, we don't do the good we could have or cross paths with people in the way that was intended for us. Each of us a path, a good one, each day. Don't take me for someone about to break out the word "universe" though. No, not goin' there. So not going there.

How do you rest? I walk from project to task around the house with no hurry, alone, a little here a little there, kinda aimless. One semi-committed task leads to another and back and it's okay. Or a nap with the blanket pulled up to my cheek, toddler style, fetal position with my semi-mangy dog spooned in and accepted in his fractionary grossness. I looked for pictures of this because my husband loves to photograph these moments, but maybe for my own sake I never did find any to shame-faced-ley share with you, laughing at myself as I do.

Reading to children, doing all the voices, the intonations, the excess excitement, drama and fear - to me that's relaxing. (This isn't me but kind of looks like me.)

As is jasmine tea,

a Himalayan salt bath,

rest after a long hike with more to go and nothing much to consider except basic survival,

hours to just read and relax, preferably something really well written like this book. Fraction of the Whole may be my favorite book of all time, but this one is great too.

Sometimes cleaning, especially mopping and vacuuming as well as making bouquets to put around the house makes me feel refreshed and pleasantly tired.

Spiritual Implications:  Skip this next paragraph if you think you hate God. Or better yet, I double dog dare you to read it anyway.

Most important though, is to just say to God, "I need rest. I'm coming to you." Don't turn away, friend, you've already started reading. Humor me for one paragraph! Jesus meets me right in the ugly place I am, loving the ugly me without hesitation. Any light I have is from his Spirit. The presence of God is so beautiful, so needed in this often dark and cryptic world full of confusion, rejection and chaos. I pray, "please fill me with your Spirit and show me what you have for me today, who I'm supposed to help. Let me be effective, kind and useful." These might be some of my more truly beautiful moments in the eyes of the one who created me. I feel strongly I am supposed to write it and you are supposed to read it. The people whose eyes show joy in the midst of suffering - that sparkle you can't quite figure out - it's the Spirit. Damn good advice for looking good is to rest with the Holy Spirit.

So rest. In your way. Ask yourself, do I need a little margin in my life? A no to the good things and a yes to the truly great things?

And about that handwriting, here's an interesting video on what secrets your handwriting is telling (maybe) about you.

 What Secret is Your Handwriting Telling? (maybe)